Monday, 26 November 2012

Rayman Forever - Introduction

Alternate Title: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Rayman Forever
Released: 1997 (Original Game: 1995)

I have two confessions to make: the first, I'm not really a big PC gamer. I was basically born with a controller in my hands and I find it rather awkward playing games with a keyboard and mouse. The second, I'm not a fan of hard games. I've never been a big fan of the whole "practise and eventually you'll get it" gameplay. Now, with Peace Walker on hold indefinitely while I replace the wires of my external hard-drive my cat chewed through, the next game I've been given to play is a hard PC game. Rayman Forever. It's the only version of Rayman I own, via Good Old Games, thus sadly I did not get a free fridge magnet.

It is a collection of Rayman Gold (the updated version of the original PC Rayman), with a level editor and a separate pack of levels made by fans. I will play through some of these, unless I get very good at Rayman, in which case I may try and show them all off. I will be honest, I played a little a couple of days ago and it was not pretty.

Rayman is a series that I have a little experience with, despite owning three different ports of it, I've never finished Rayman 2, but I have played enough to know I really like it. The only other Rayman game I own is the racing/multiplayer game 'Rayman M', another game I have yet to finish. Before two days ago I had no experience with the first game whatsoever. This is probably going to hurt.

If you'd rather play it yourself, you can download Rayman on the Playstation Network for £3.99, or buy the whole Forever package (minus fridge magnet. Seriously, I want the fridge magnet dammit!) from Good Old Games for $5.99 (or whatever the equivalent cost is in your local currency).

So, let's delay the pain no longer. Rayman may have no limbs, but by the end of this game, I may have no soul. See you for part one!