Wednesday, 10 April 2013

52-Week Challenge - Game #2 - Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas

Developer: Obsidian
Publisher: Bethesda
Year: 2010
Systems: 360, PC, PS3

As soon as Backloggery picked this game for me to play next, my first thought was "No. AGAIN!". Not because I dislike the game, in fact quite the opposite - I really liked this game when I first got it. The problem is, even without the downloadable content this game is massive. I'm a completionist. I had a week to beat it. This meant either missing out on a lot of the game's content or spend an ungodly amount of time playing it. In the end I played 37 hours of this game in eight days. I enjoyed the game for the first six days, but the last two was full of problems and a lack of patience from yours truly.

Bethesda games, particularly the Fallouts and Elder Scrolls, contain absolutely massive worlds. The downside to this is that they tend to be incredibly buggy. Sometimes the games will just crash for seemingly no reason. This happened a lot towards the end of the game in New Vegas. A particular favourite was when I spent a good portion of an hour repeatedly dying in the same area before finally getting through to the goal, accidentally clicking on a bed and the whole game froze. Classic Bethesda! But, like always, I kept coming back. And in the end, I enjoyed this game a lot.

In fact, I would class it above Fallout 3. I think the setting sealed it with me. For the first act of the game, you can actually see your goal - New Vegas - shining bright on the horizon. It's almost like a beacon, a place where you can escape the hardships of life and get drunk and lose all your money. It's Vegas, and it is a welcome diversion to the ravaged towns, being attacked by savage gangs and the seemingly endless desert. 

Earlier I mentioned it took my eight days, even though I specifically said seven days is my target. The crashes helped with that, but I had another problem - indecisiveness. You see, there are at least four ways to end the game - helping either the New California Republic or Caesar's Legion to hold, or take, Hoover Dam, or to help the mysterious ruler of New Vegas - Mr. House, or taking over New Vegas yourself. I was torn between the last two, and I kept changing my mind. Eventually I calculated what would be the quickest course of action and so in the end I helped Mr. House. From being shot in the face and left for dead by Chandler Bing Benny, to holding the entire future of the Mojave wasteland in your hands. In's a Bethesda game - though it is developed by Obsidian (who are made up for a fair amount of the crew from the Fallout 1 + 2 days) who I am a fan of.

I will happily go back to New Vegas in couple of years or so, but having to rush a game leaves little room to properly enjoy it. It's a great game, perfect for anyone who loves the sense of freedom in their games and I do recommend picking it up - I've seen it as low as £10 and for the amount of content you get in the vanilla game, it is definitely worth the money.

So, two down, fifty to go. So, yet again, I go to backloggery to pick a game for me at random. And yet again, it cackles as it gives me my next assignment...

I really gotta stop letting these things go to chance...

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