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Sonic the Hedgehog - Progress Report II

Spring Yard Zone

(all images taken from unless otherwise stated. Good rule, look at the lives. More than three? It's one of my own images)
The third level of Sonic the Hedgehog is Spring Yard Zone. The main gimmick is springs, as you can see in the image. Springs are a common feature in Sonic games, they give you an extra boost to your jumps. Another gimmick of the level are these...

Those star things act like bumpers, like you'd get in a pinball machine. They knock you about a little and you get ten points every time you hit one. They're honestly more annoying half the time. However, I do like this level, although there is one aspect of the level that I dislike...

These 'elevator' sections are a little too common throughout the three acts. I don't mind the fact that there is platforms in my platformer game, but they come up quite often and it does disrupt the flow a little. It doesn't add any real challenge either, but if you aren't careful you can get squashed between two platforms and that is instant death, even if you have rings.

Now the boss...

Robotnik will occasionally descend and with his spike take away one of those square platforms. Take too long to beat him and you will eventually have nowhere to stand. It is possible to cheese this fight though. When you jump onto him, you'll sort of bounce off him, but you'll stay in the rolling state. If you have the skill, you can keep attacking into him and perhaps even beat him in one shot. He's not that hard, as long as you beat him quick.

The Power-Ups

I mentioned power-ups last time. Throughout the levels you'll see little TV screens. Destroy them and you will get goodies. In the first game there are five different power-ups...

Sonic 3 Ring.png

This one will give you ten rings.

Sonic 3 Stars.png

You will be invincible for a short period of time. You can literally run into enemies and they will die. It will not save you from any 'auto-deaths' though.


A barrier that will let you absorb an extra hit. If you can carry one of these into a boss fight then you're in good shape.

Speed Shoes.png

Speed shoes. Makes you go faster and jump higher. I've never much cared for this power-up in the 2D Sonic's. Too much chance of accidentally falling into pits or enemies.

Extra Life.png

Extra life. You want these. You want these so bad. You crave these extra lives and you will do anything to get your hands on one. Some might say you're addicted and you should go to rehab, but don't listen to them. They don't know what's good for you, I know what's good for you. Get extra lives, trust me!

And that's it. More power-ups will be introduced in later Sonic's and will be talked about when we get there.

Labyrinth Zone

I don't really like the Labyrinth Zone. I know I've seemed quite negative to the other levels, but I still enjoy them. The gimmick to this level is water. Water is the most frightening thing in Sonic. You move slower, there are traps and the occasional annoying enemies. But...if you stay in the water for just a little too long without collecting one of these air bubbles...

You will hear the most terrifying piece of music in the history of video games...

Other than water the level has switches a-plenty and some maze elements, but it's overall not that difficult. The boss however...

Son1 16.gif

You have to chase Robotnik. It's not that hard by itself, but along the way you have to dodge those spears (they retract and shoot back out) and fire-breathing lion statues. Also, the water eventually rises and if you mess up a jump you risk drowning. Also, if you die you have to start with no rings (they at least give you a shield). I have troubles with this boss, and I had my first death here (which is a new record for me, so let's break out the champagne!).

Seven more lives, and I have two continues. Surely, after all these years, I will finish Sonic the Hedgehog! Only three more levels to go...


Spring Yard Zone
Labyrinth Zone

Next: Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain Zone and I experience an acid trip. Or, as it's also known as, the Sonic 1 special stages.

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