Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Indie Game Review - 'Frog Fractions'

Indie Game Reviews will be a semi-regular feature here. Highlighting some of the best, or at least, interesting indie games I come across. If you have any suggestions for future games in this series, please drop me a message at either my Twitter, @SuperGameFight, or my Tumblr.

Hi. Would you like to learn all about fractions? No!? What kind of a person are you? Get outta here, we don't want your kind here!

Frog Fractions is an educational game all about fractions. You start off in a pond, using your very long tongue to catch flies and eat them before they eat your fruit. Your points are in fractions, hence the title of the game. You can use your fruit and 'zorkmids' to buy power-ups, such as changing the lillypad to a turtle so you can move, static electricity to let you catch more than one bug at a time, changing the score to standard deviations and a dragon. 

Top tip: if you want extra fruit, press "down" when you get the turtle and you'll get a handful of fruit!

At one point you even have to type the words on screen to catch the flies. Truly this is the most educational of games. Eventually, you'll have enough fruit to unlock the warp drive...and the game goes bloody insane. 

And I cannot say anymore. Seriously, you HAVE to play this for yourself. My words alone cannot do it enough justice. It looks like an innocent educational game...but it's not. It's an adventure of discovery. And it's hilarious. It's available for playing here:

It's browser-based and completely free (though you have the option to buy the soundtrack for $5, or more if you want). I heartily recommend playing this game, it's certainly a hell of an experience.

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