Saturday, 31 March 2012

Assassin's Creed II - Feathers

Progress Report

DNA Sequence 11 (!) complete. However...I'm playing through the first DLC just now, and then I'll play the second. Not sure if I'm gonna do the Templar Lairs though, unless there's a decent reward.
All feathers collected (ugggggggggggggh)
Achievements Earned - The Prophet (Complete Sequence 11), In Memory of Petruccio (Collect All The Feathuggggggggggghs).


Home in Florence


It was early Friday morning, I'm talking roughly 2 A.M., when I finally collected my 100th feather. I figured the reward would be worth it so I spent hours, spread over four or five days, collecting each and every one of them. I even cheated and used maps, otherwise I'd still be collecting them by the time the AC Universe says the world's going to end. So, I finally got my 100th feather (on top of a ship in Venice) and I could finally collect my prize. After a cutscene that lasted maybe twenty seconds, the game pops up with "Auditore Cape unlocked". Excellent! I got the, I would presume, best cape! The idea with the capes are that if you wear a certain cape in a certain place, you're "notoriety" level (like the Wanted level in GTA games) won't rise. Very handy. So you'd think the prize for spending hours collecting a hundred GOD DAMN FEATHERS would be an item so awesome that you can't help play the rest of the game with it.

I collected 100 feathers and all I got was this stupid cape...

Instead it makes it so that in every city, except Monteriggioni (which the Auditore's run), your notoriety is always full. Guard will automatically attack you as soon as they see you. Sounds awesome? No. It does not. Now, I'm not saying it's completely useless, if you're just messing around killing guards, pickpocketing etc, then as soon as you take off the Auditore cape your notoriety goes back to what it was. Also you get an achievement for wearing it in each city. BUT, I kind of expected more from collecting all 100 feathers. I expect something like a weapon that makes everyone it touches explode, or the ability to fly while dropping explosions onto everyone below or explosions so big those explosions have their own explosions that explode the explosions.

Pictured: Venice, 1488

Maybe in Assassin's Creed III.

But, silver lining time, Assassin's Creed II should be done and dusted by the next time I write.

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