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Assassin's Creed II - Voice Actor Spotlight - Danny Wallace

Progress Report II

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Venice Rooftops/Ezio's Family Mash-up (afkVahn)

Voice-Actor Spotlight

Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace is a funny man, born in Dundee, Scotland, which basically makes us neighbours (though he's also English, and has spent most of his life there). From Assassin's Creed II onwards he voices Shaun Hastings, the snarky Englishman who acts like a researcher and historian for the Assassins. 

This fella.

His other voice work includes...err...well...that's it. He's not really an actor, you see. He was a journalist, then he wrote a number of books based on his own experiences, such as the time he accidentally started a cult, bet his friend he couldn't find 54 people with the same name and what would happen if he said 'yes' to everything. The latter book, 'Yes Man' would be the inspiration for the film of the same name. He also had his own television series where he decided to create his own country. In short, the man is awesome and I'll probably come back to him at some point during future games. Mainly because despite thinking he's awesome, I've only just started reading his books a couple of months ago. I don't reach much (hey, I'm a gamer!), so I've only finished one of them.

After the funeral of a relative who once attempted to gather a group of people to live on his farm, Danny Wallace decided to put an ad into a newspaper, simply saying "Join Me" and asking them to post a passport picture of themselves. Not expecting much to come out of it, "Join Me" eventually evolved into a cult (sorry, collective) of people and a journey to find 1000 "joinee's". The book itself is hilarious, charming and it is definitely worth the read. You can get it off the Kindle Store if you're into that sort of thing. I'll most likely have read (and watched) his other stuff by the time I play Brotherhood, so I'll probably do a short "review" of that when we get to it.

Tomorrow: A look at Ubisoft Montreal...

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