Monday, 26 March 2012

Obligatory Explanation Post

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/other to you. My name is Stuart, I'm a Scottish lad who likes to control virtual people using a hunk of plastic with buttons on it. I'm not alone, there are millions of other people just like me. We tend to be called 'gamers'. As one of these 'gamers', I have ended up with a large amount of games. Some people might call it too much. But the thing is, most of them (particular the ones bought in the last four years) are just sitting there after being played once or not at all. This cannot continue. So, before the day I die (I'm 19...a bit too young to be thinking of that sort of thing), I plan on largely reducing my backlog of video and computer games.

Pictured: Still more organised than my collection.

So, why on earth have I decided to blog about it? Honestly, no idea. It seemed like fun. The idea (and I stress that it is still an idea and will expand and evolve as time goes on) is that I basically muse about whatever game I happen to be playing. Just random thoughts, experiences and the like. Eventually, if I feel the game deserves it, I will review it, even though chances are most of the games I end up playing will be well known. It just brings closure, y'know? Right now, the idea is to devote around a week to a certain game, but there are no real deadlines.

Right now, I'm playing my way through Assassin's Creed 2, so that'll be the first game on this journey. I'm already halfway through because that's how far I got before I came up with this idea. I won't just be talking about the games though, if I find anything interesting related to the game in question I'll post about that too. Don't say I'm not good to you. (seriously, don't say it, or I will get angry). 

Starting off nice and obscure...

My "backlog" can be found by clicking the "here" on the description near the top of the page, but it is only half done at the moment. I still need to add all my PC many PC games...sigh. 

This. This is truth.

Until next time,


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