Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mario Kart Wii - Progress Report 2

So, we're back karting motorbiking for some reason. I was going to write up about the rest of the "New Courses", but real life has gotten in the way and I have to settle with just one this time. The next update though! No videos since they'll be boring to watch (I won't be putting up a video of EVERYTHING I do, just the stuff I feel the need to show off). So, let's get to it!

Flower Cup


Mario Circuit

File:MarioCircuit MKWii.png

The Mario Circuit, being the first circuit of the cup, is pretty simple. It's almost a figure-8 and the only real obstacles are a few Goombas and Chain Chomps. Managed this one without any real troubles.

Position - 1st
Points - 15

Coconut Mall

File:CoconutMall MKWii.jpgCocoMallTrackLayout.PNG

This one takes place in a mall, funnily enough. A pretty fun circuit, the main gimmicks are the escalators that either go up or down and the fact you're in a mall. There's also a part where Mii's drive cars back and forth and you have to dodge them. Alas, that caught me out a couple of times but nothing major.

Position - 1st
Points - 30 (+15)

DK's Snowboard Cross

File:MKwii DKsummit.jpg

For some reason this is called 'DK's Snowboard Cross' in Europe, but elsewhere it's just 'DK Summit'. As you can see from the picture, the main gimmick of the circuit is half-pipes. You can use them to get some sweet air and grab some more items. Also, the course layout looks a bit weird doesn't it? That's because you get launched from a cannon from one end to another. 

Position - 1st
Points - 45 (+15)

Wario's Gold Mine

File:WariosGoldMine MKWii.jpg

Our home circuit! If you're not careful you could end up falling into the pit of doom. Luckily I managed to avoid doing that, a huge achievement for me! However, Mario Kart being Mario Kart, it doesn't make it easy. Sure, there's boost pads but they can serve to send you to the great depths if you're not paying total attention. In addition, there are mine carts to avoid and enemies that can slow you down. As well as your opponents and their stupid power-ups, gah. Still, a fourth first place means..

Position - 1st
Points - 60 (+15)

Overall Position - 1st (Star rank!)

Unfortunately, looking ahead, Wario may end up being the only person with a Star Rank...

Next: Finishing the New Courses, honest this time!

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