Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Progress Report III

Hill Top Zone

I like Hill Top Zone. It's a 16-bit representation of a mountainous region and I can't explain why but I really like the music of the level too. Plus, it has the return of the see-saws!

Although it's no longer a spike-ball. Instead it's a red sphere with eyes (spooky), but they work the same way. However, sometimes Tails will set the sphere off before you're ready and next thing you know you're getting hurt. God damn you Tails.

Nothing much of note happened, although I did get an extra life in Act 2 for getting 100 rings. So, to the boss!

Eggman will pop out of the lava, shoot flames at you and then submerge back into the lava. The fire will spread on whatever side he came from, so as soon as you hurt him enough move over where it's safe. I didn't know this going in and I ended up losing all me rings. But I beat him in one try, so I can't complain too much.

Mystic Cave Zone

Mystic Cave was another one that didn't give me much trouble. The main gimmicks of this level are the various switches you have to pull (by jumping into the handle, Sonic will automatically hold on). The worst enemy (or 'Badniks' as they're called...I'll stick with enemies for now...) are the Flashers, when they're lit up they can't be hurt and sometimes you'll be jumping into them thinking you can harm them but then suddenly "TURN ON THE LIGHTS!" and the lights get turned on and you get hurt. 

Also, does this not look like a certain jump into death? I'm a little ashamed to admit I saved the game (the beauty of playing a modern port of it, you can save the game!) before jumping here just in case. It's not a jump to the bottomless pit of despair, but it is the way to progress through the level. Then came the boss...

Basically, Eggman will descend from the top, bringing down rocks (that don't hurt you) and stalactites (that do) raining upon you. Dodging the stalactites isn't too hard, but sometimes one did sneak up on me when I wasn't paying attention (it was like I was playing Metal Gear Stalactites). The Eggman part is actually really easy, he'll just move in whatever direction he's facing and when he reaches the end of the screen he'll point his drills to the ceiling and fly back up to rain more death onto you. Still though, the inevitable happened...

We're over half-way through the game and still with 7 lives. Now, I'm not going to get cocky, but I'm pretty much a GOD OF SONIC, ALL HAIL ME! HAIL ME, MEDAMMIT!

Next time: I fix the environmental issues in Oil Ocean and then battle Lex Luthor in Metropolis because I am Superman. Will feature 90% less cockiness!


Hill Top Zone
Mystic Cave Zone

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