Saturday, 20 July 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Part 4

By being the second person to kill a 'Sectoid' and return alive, Rookie Roux is now the less amusingly named Squaddie Roux. He chose to specialise in the Sniper class.

He learned a new skill - he now knows how to shoot his target in the head. A useful skill when you're a sniper.

We recovered two corpses of the extra-terrestrials we've been fighting - assigned the name 'Sectoid'. Every time we kill one however, their weapons explode into fragments. The fragments are still useful, but sadly it means we cannot use their weapons against them.

There is something about him that makes me uncomfortable. I think it's the baldness.

Our four American scientists arrived swiftly. Sadly so did the panic in Asia. We won't be able to ignore them next time. The key will be to make sure panic doesn't get too strong in any one continent if we can help it - we need all the funding we can get.

China is already half way to pulling its funding. We'll need to get back into their good books immediately.

Five very quiet days passed, but then Dr. Vahlen had an update for me: her team had finished researching Alien Materials.

She then insisted we perform an autopsy on the Sectoids. Hopefully they find something useful - like a spot in their heads that when we shoot it, it explodes.

Our meeting was cut short by loud noises coming from elsewhere in the base...

GREAT! Let's go visit!

Grandpa Shen's workshop is where we can put what the research team's findings to practical use. They can build weapons, armour, grenades and much more once we research it.

I buy a few nano-fiber vests for my team.

Here is Squaddie Vargas modelling this season's best, a fetching number that adds some extra health. For the most part, my soldiers will be wearing these unless we need to bring a specific item into battle.

Not long after this Creepy Man sends another message to me, this time asking me for assistance directly.

Jesus Christ, man, we're trying to save the world here - it is no time for being cryptic. Still though, this guy represents my bosses, so I better do what he says.

A good amount of credits, plus more researchers is a worthy prize though. We immediately get into mission mode.

Of course I won't. Dick.

I really hope he never sees these messages.

(Editor's Note: Oops).

I decided to keep Scottie Hunter out of this mission - mainly because he's the only other Scot here apart from me. So, I decided we should crack open a few cans of Irn Bru while Rookie Ilyushin takes his place. He was actually very enthusiastic about getting a chance to impress.

Which made it all the more tragic...

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