Wednesday, 31 July 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Part 7 - Operation Lone Fear

I lost a little bit of video, which included two missions. I was able to re-record a bit of the second, but the first is lost forever.

While I was, ahem, inebriated, I apparently was shouting about getting more "party people up in this bitch". And right enough, five new soldiers arrived a few days later. But that was not the only new arrival at XCOM...

During a routine "rescue the important dude" mission, I had sent a rookie out with the new Arc Thrower. Sq. Hunter weakened the Sectoid and Rk. Ghalib went in for the stun...

...and now Dr. Vahlen has a new plaything at HQ. 

A few days later Bradford and I caught up with her.

For some reason her useage of the word "expired" is a lot more creepy than if she had just said "died". 

Bradford commented we had seen this before, but sadly I have no recollection (video loss)

This I do remember seeing. You see, when we had shot down the UFO this fella showed up. And then disappeared. Now, Dr. Vahlen wants us to capture it too.

The interrogation came with it a second success - BEAM WEAPONS.

I, naturally, set the research team to figure out a way we can make BEAM WEAPONS. Finally, the blaster from Star Wars is a little closer to reality. At this rate I could even have a lightsaber before I d...I'm digressing.

We also have the ability to manufacture S.C.O.P.E.s. This handy device gives our soldiers better aim. Naturally, our Snipers will get this. Speaking of...after the mission where we captured the alien...

Both Vargas and Roux made it to Sergeant rank. For some reason, they were assigned nicknames at this point. Sgt. Roux is now known as Warlock - because what he can do with his rifle is nothing less than magical.

Sgt. Vargas is known as Diesel's a bad ass name?

Towards the end of the month we received more word of abductions. Unlike last time though - we had three different locations to choose from.

Australia, Argentina and Nigeria. I made the decision to go to Australia, as the panic there was higher than anywhere else.

I left Vargas back in HQ, it wouldn't be fair on him to fight in Australia while his home country is being attacked. Rk. White however was Australian - my thought process was that she would feel more focussed on defending her country. That was a mistake.

Now, since capturing the Sectoid, Sq. Ghalib had been training in the Heavy class. But of course, that didn't mean that he had to go about shooting his rocket launcher everywhere...

...but explosions are always cool. However, a certain someone was less than impressed...

God, it's like being scolded by my Mother. Except Vahlen's much younger and has a German accent.

I also found a new thing our soldiers will do - panic. If they get too low on health, like ol' Warlock here, they may panic and run off to a random location. This could have been very dangerous. He wasn't the only one. The last alien left gave us a lot of trouble. Ghalib, Verhoeven and White all failed to hit the alien (Ghalib couldn't even get into position to fire at it, so I had to settle with keeping him out of position). Sadly, this had lethal consequences...

That's the third soldier I've lost and it's not getting any easier. Luckily Sgt. Roux snuck up on the Sectoid from the other side and headshotted the bastard to Hell.

This was ridiculous - one death, three wounded (one gravely). I learned I would have to be more careful in the future.

Lieutenant Roux could barely speak on his hospital bed, but we got just enough to figure out he wanted to take the 'Disabling Shot' training when he was clear for duty. This would give him a shot that will effectively break the target's weapon - could be useful in a pinch.

WE HAVE LASERS! Now we can play laser tag with the aliens...DEADLY LASER TAG. Sadly, we didn't have enough engineers to build the rifle, but we did get a couple of Laser Pistols.

I gave it to Roux as an apology for almost killing him in the last mission.

A couple of days later, our new Workshop was built - bringing with it extra engineers. 

Sadly, the realisation that I could now build Laser Rifles wouldn't come to me until the 1st of April. Talk about an April's Fool.

I decided to give us an extra level to play with, so I ordered the building of a new Access Lift.

Now, at the end of each month I will be evaluated on my performance. I will also get extra rewards and such. This month...

GRADE A, SUCKA. HAH, if only Ms. Clark could see me now "You'll never be a grade A student blah-di-blah blah". SCREW YOU, I'm a Grade A Commander of AWESOME ALIEN KILLINGNESS!

And then I'd show her my giant gun. 

That's not a euphemism, we really did build a big gun...

The aliens should just go home right now.

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