Wednesday, 24 July 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Part 5 - Mission 3 - Vengeful Paramour

A civilian actually managed to escape from alien captivity. It was decided that Miss Sing could end up holding vital information about her captives. We had to bring her in immediately, at all costs.

Straight after entering the battlefield we were met with a new kind of alien - we would go on to dub it the 'Thin Man'

An infiltration unit? This was meant to look human? Well, I have to admire them for trying - but this does confirm that this isn't a random attack on Earth - they have been preparing for this war.

Dr. Vahlen then went on to recommend that we capture the damn thing. Except we have no safe way of doing that and I am not losing my squad just to capture Stretch Armstrong here, so I ignored her advice. For now.

The Thin Man seems to have the same sort of combat abilities as the Sectoids, minus the mind control but with a lot of added nimbleness. When it moves, it reminds me more of a snake than a human.

Amber Verhoeven scored the first kill of the battle with a fantastic shot that took down the Thin Man in one.

Of course the Sectoids were there as well, this one getting a surprise shot on the veteran of the group - Squaddie Vargas. I thought that was it for the Argentine, but somehow he kept on going...

...and naturally getting revenge. The poor Sectoid had no chance.

More aliens were scattered across the battleground, but Verhoeven kept up her impressive performance...

This is what you end up with when you mess with Amber Verhoeven. I'd hate to be any of her ex-boyfriends.

It was Rookie Verhoeven who saw Sing first - thus it was her duty to make sure Sing got back to the extraction point.

Sing was understandably a mixture of appreciative and panicked - she knew she wasn't safe just yet. We were only half-way done.

I suggested to Miss Sing that she should make gradual advancements to the extraction point and keep her head down. Almost as soon as I said that, another Thin Man showed up.

Rk. Ilyushin fired at the Thin Man and thought he had him killed...

...sadly that was not the case and the Thin Man retaliated by shooting back at the Russian. The kid never stood a chance.

Sq. Roux got himself a couple of kills - this one he showed off his new ability - the Headshot. At this range he would be guaranteed a critical hit just by making sure he hit his target.

We successfully got Sing back to the Skyranger without much more action. All we needed to do now was to eliminate any remaining hosti---

Which Verhoeven had already taken care of.

The death of Ilyushin was the only negative to take away from this mission. We can't get too sad every time one of us dies - casualties are to be expected - but I will be a happy man if I never have to get used to my soldiers dying on me.

One more thing - Vargas took the full brunt of an Sectoid attack and he was back at work in seven days. The guy's a bad-ass, and thoroughly deserves his promotion. Verhoeven was simply immense, her three kills proving herself to be an efficient killer - though she has decided to take more of a Support role on the field.

From now on missions will no longer have their own update, unless something major happens in one.

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