Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Games of my Teenage Years - 2006.


So, it's now 2006, the year I turn 14 years old. It was a year of discovery for young me. I rediscover a love of professional wrestling (don't judge me) that would never again go away, I find my favourite band of all time and my favourite movie. But what were the two most important games I played in this year? Well...

WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2007

There are two reasons why this game was one of the most important games of 2006 for me. For one, it coincided with me getting back into wrestling (don't judge me). So, naturally, it became my most played wrestling game since 'Shut Your Mouth!'. Also it was the game I got when I bought a new PS2, after my old one died. After five glorious years, my original PS2's laser broke whilst doing what it loved...playing the 'Man With the Golden Gun' DVD. Not only that, it actually happened on Christmas Day. 

So this game was the first game I ever played in my new slim PS2 and honestly it was probably one of the best "Smackdown vs RAW!" games. At least it was the last WWE game I actually unlocked everything legitimately. So this entry pretty much sums up most of my teenage years: video games and wrestling. It also had a story where Candice's wand had legit magic powers and it was awesome and all that.

Kingdom Hearts

Yeah...this game. Four years after it was released I finally got this game (it was a sympathy present as I was off school with a pretty bad illness). I loved it, though that could be explained by me being completely out of it for most of my playthrough. For the one of you who don't know, this game combines Final Fantasy and Disney. The alternate title was "DeviantART's Wet Dream". 

I'm not going to lie, even now, I love travelling through Disney worlds, with Disney characters, and kicking ass with a...big key. It's a strange game, but it was successful enough to spawn a number of sequels. In fact I still have two KH games I've never finished...

So why is this game one of my most important games of 2006, considering it was released in 2002? Well, because...erm...' reminds me of...err...

Next: We enter the current generation! And we do it with a kick-ass soundtrack!

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