Saturday, 26 May 2012

SuperGameFighter News #1

Right, I've sort of lost my way a little bit. I had planned on marathon as much Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart Wii as possible over the weekend and try and get them finished for next week, but that plan has been ruined for reasons. So, instead, I'm planning for the future. Here's what I've come up with so far...

The first thing is that I'm putting all the future games on my list into three catagories: Primary, Secondary and Special.

  • Primary games are the main event. It will normally feature the big, long games of the list. Most of these will be more modern games, say 1995 onwards, though there maybe a case of me simply wanting to show off a game. Usually these will come with supplementary articles on subjects relating to the game.
  • Secondary games are the "other" games of the list. Not really worth talking about in great detail, but for completionist's sake will be showed off anyway. Usually will only last between 1-3 updates.
  • Special games I haven't quite decided what to do with yet. Certain games might not work well for either Primary or Secondary, either because they're too long or of an awkward genre to show off like this, i.e. RPGs. Once I've figured this out a bit more I'll explain.

In addition, at the start of the month I bought FRAPS in order to record anything I play off the PC (such as Star Wars: Dark Forces, which is the next "Primary" game), and at some point in the next week (pay day) I'll be investing in a capture device so I can record whatever I play on consoles. I also bought a decent headset, but I'm not sure if my voice is suitable (we'll soon find out).

I'll try to at least get the next Mario 64 and the first Mario Kart Wii updates up this week. Until then, peace!

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