Thursday, 3 May 2012

Super Mario 64 - Ports & Remakes

Have you never played Super Mario 64 before? Never owned a Nintendo 64? Or maybe you'd just like to play it again. Either way Nintendo have you covered.

Super Mario 64 is, of course, on Wii's Virtual Console, in fact it is the second most popular purchase (behind Super Mario Bros), which is impressive since N64 games cost a fair bit more than the rest of them, but the cost isn't too bad, 1000 'Wii Points' (I think that's between 8-10 pounds, but I can't be 100% sure).

Maybe you've played the original Super Mario 64 to death, collected 120 stars numerous times and are looking for something new. Yet again Nintendo are there to help. In 2004 Nintendo released 'Super Mario 64 DS'. It's basically an enhanced version of the original game, with newer graphics and more stars (while changing some of the more horrible stars from the original). Not only this you can now play with three other characters; Luigi (who can jump higher and thus is probably the best character), Wario (who can break certain blocks other characters cannot) and Yoshi...who's practically useless.

File:Super Mario 64 DS Coverart.png

In Super Mario 64 DS there are 150 stars instead of 120. There is also a multiplayer mode available over 'Download Play'. The game was a commercial success, selling over six million copies and although the game was critically well received there was some criticisms. Although they felt the game did stay true to the original, the lack of analogue sticks on the DS meant that controlling was a problem. Another criticism at the time was the fact this was a launch title, and it was a little disappointing to have a remake launch Nintendo's new console. 

File:Super Mario 64 DS-Graphics comparison.jpg
Comparison: DS (left) - N64 (Right)
Now, I haven't actually played this game either, I don't own it at all and I doubt I ever will. But it's another alternative for those who want it.

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