Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Super Mario 64 - Progress Report I

Song of the Day

Bob-Omb Battlefield/Whomp's Fortress BGM

Progress Report I

(all following Level images are from
File:Bob-omb Battlefield 64.png

Bob-Omb Battlefield
Stars Obtained - 7/7

File:Whomp's Fortress 64.png

Whomp's Fortress
Stars - 7/7


Jolly Roger Bay
Stars - 5/7
Stars To Get - Through The Jet Stream*, 100 Coins
*Note - I can't actually get this one yet until I unlock Metal Mario. 

Secret Stars

File:The Princess's Secret Slide.png

Princess Peach's Slide
Stars 2/2
Note: Star #2  requires you to complete the slide in less than 21 seconds. I figured this one would take me a few attempts so I wrote down the times for each attempt I took. It wasn't as painful as I thought it'd be though.

Star 1 time - 0'21"3
Star 2 Attempts
  1. 0'21"4
  2. 0'21"3
  3. 0'21"1 (this one was heartbreaking)
  4. 0'20"9
I was rather happy with myself with this one, I'm usually rubbish at these slides (fun fact: Cool, Cool Mountain was as far as I played to in the past...sigh).

File:The Secret Aquarium.png

Secret Aquarium (in the Jolly Roger Bay room)
Stars - 1/1 

File:Tower of the Wing Cap.png

Wing Cap Tower
Stars - 1/1
Note: This was the one star that gave me real trouble. I'm terrible at controlling Mario with the Wing Cap. I actually gave up at one point and went to get the "Mario Wings To The Sky" star in Bob-omb Battlefield before I eventually got this one.

Star Total - 23/120

Random Thoughts

Well I'm already at a higher star total than I've ever been before, so there's that. I'm still unsure if I'm going for all 120 stars yet though, if there's any stars that troubles me enough that it stalls my progress then they will be left. Otherwise I will be actively trying to get as much stars as possible.

I have a few ideas for articles, the first of which will come in Friday's update. I'm planning to make this a five or six part, with the sixth basically being the final "clean-up" report. 

Also, the music in Jolly Roger Bay is so chill, I could listen to that forever.

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