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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Progress Report 9

Song of the Day

Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions

Progress Report IX

Story Missions Complete - 49/59

Mission 44; Taking The Fall: We're back with Lance for this one. The cutscene shows Lance T. Vance (the T is for Tulips in Thailand) phoning his accountant. After the cutscene Vic asks Lance who's been stealing the yayo, Lance thinks it could have been the bikers. So, naturally, what we need to do is fly a helicopter and allow Lance to shoot the bikers out of it. If you tilt the helicopter then Lance will lose his balance and won't shoot. After a while you'll catch up to the bikers and Lance will shoot at him. The closer you are to them the easier it will be for Lance to shoot them. This one's easy enough, and if a biker gets away then no swear, you're in a helicopter after all.

After this we have to fly over to a hotel in Downtown so Lance can kill more bikers. Once you've killed them all you get a cutscene showing your helicopter blowing up...lovely. Lance will jump out and now we have to rescue him. This is just a case of killing all the bikers and approaching the blue dot on the mini-map. After this Lance will show up on one of the biker's bike (this is inside the hotel, I should point out) and claim that he never found any coke. At least he has a new bike (there will always be a Biker's Angel at Lance's apartment from now on).

Mission 45; Kill Phil Part 2: It's time for the sequel. I mentioned last time that the second Phil Collins mission is the best one, but I lied, it's the third one (I thought this mission was a part of that one). After an argument between Barry and Phil (in the middle of which Reni reveals that he might have had a night of passion with Barry in Monaco), Barry asks us to make sure the Arena is safe for Phil's soundcheck. We have five hours in-game to complete this (meaning...five minutes). So, no time to waste, drive fast and carefully to the Arena. When you're there you'll see a gangster kill one of the Arena's staff. Waste him and grab the BMX.

On my first attempt a car never spawned in front of Reni's studio, nor did I notice the BMX just inside the Arena, and I failed pretty spectacularly. The mission is to ride to each of the "security checkpoints" and kill all the gangsters. This is simple enough, though there is one area (the stage) that can be tricky. There is also a safe area with a health and armour pick-ups. Once you've killed the last lot, one of them will drop a keycard for the elevator. Go to the mission marker and you'll find that they've planted a bomb. Kill the rest of the goons and you've completed the mission. Well done.

The bomb will soon become self-aware and return as the final boss.

After the mission Reni pages us to tell us he's put in a good word about us to Ricardo Diaz, so let's go visit him right away!

Mission 46; Steal The Deal - Diaz is as Diazy as ever, and he's heard about a deal Gonzales is making. But we're not the only Vance here, Lanc...I MEAN, Quentin was in the back getting to know one of Diaz's ladies. Diaz asks us to steal Gonzales shipment. He broke our hearts and we all know the only way to mend a broken-heart is by coke (though I prefer Pepsi myself). However we were given no clue as to where to find one of Gonzales' men, but Lance does. He thinks that they might be at the strip club. Vic is doubtful, but sure enough we see one of the goons leave the Pole Position club. Lance reckons if we follow him, he'll lead us straight to the shipment. He does. After a quite Jetski ride we arrive at a port. We don't NEED to kill all of Gonzales' men, but we will anyway. Steal the boat with the floating red arrow above it and drive to to Diaz's place. Mission complete.

Mission 47; The Exchange - Ricardo is about to make a deal with the DEA, he will exchange 200 kgs of coke for a few crates of high quality weapons. Sounds reasonable. First we have to drive the van to the meeting point, where Gonzales men will start sniping them. We have a time limit here, we have to snipe the goons before they kill all of our friends. This part is easy enough once you have a clue where to go, and the sniper scope has handy arrows showing where the enemies are. Once they are taken care of, the DEA will arrive with our weapons. Now we have to drive this back to the mansion. Gonzales' men will chase you in cars, but as long as you don't crash and you take the shortest possible route you should be fine.

After this Gonzales pages us, grovelling at us to help him one more time. Pfft, as if I would ever forgive that OH OKAY I will. His mission marker, at Diaz's mansion. We'll deal with this next time, for now, we gots to visit Lance!

Mission 48; White Lies - We see Lance, doing the Lance Vance Dance! At long last, let's see it then...

Alright...moving on. It's clear that Lance has been getting high on his own supply! Worse yet, Louise has joined him. Vic shouts at them both and Lance has had enough. He decides to get in a helicopter and give away all of the coke. We have to follow him, in a GOD-DAMMED HOVERCRAFT, and pick up the packages as he drops 'em. As long as you can control the hovercraft and don't run into any STUPID GLITCHES THAT PREVENTED IT FROM MOVING then you should be fine.

After this we get a message from our arch-nemesis Jerry Martinez. He's back in town, and he's threatening to visit Louise! 

Mission 49; Where it Hurts Most - Louise will call saying that she's been followed by Martinez's goons, as Jerry must think she and Vic are still an item. After a quick argument, Vic decides that he has to go pick Louise up so she doesn't get hurt. We arrive at the place where she's meant to be hiding only for a bunch of cars to drive past with Louise screaming in one of them. After taking care of a couple of Martinez's men, we have to drive to each location to check if the car there is the one Louise is being held in. Eventually you find her and you have to drive her to a hospital A.S.A.P. Do this and win.

Martinez gloats to us via his pager, implying that he had his way with her and telling Vic that he'll visit her soon. What an asshole.



Barry Mickelthwaite
(Voiced by: Timothy Spall)

The hopeless manager of Phil Collins, he manages to put his star client into a lot of trouble after borrowing $3,000,000 from Giorgio Forelli. Before managing Mr. Collins, he managed a talking dog called Puddles.

His voice actor is Timothy Spall is an accomplished actor especially in Britain. To worldwide audiences his most famous role is easily Peter Pettigrew, or Wormtail, in the Harry Potter movies.


Ricardo Diaz
(Voiced By: Luis Guzman)

A Colombian Drug-Lord, living the American Dream in Vice City. Diaz will remain an ally to the Vance Brothers for the rest of the game, though his greed will be the cause of Vic's death in Vice City.

He is voiced by Luis Guzman in both games. Luis has appeared in many films, including Carlito's Way, Boogie Nights and Magnolia, and remains a busy actor to this day.

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