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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Progress Report 2

Progress Report II

Song of the Day

Holy Diver - Dio
Story Missions Complete: 12/59

Mission 8; Fear The Repo - During the cutscene, Vic walks in on Louise doing her exercises, they have a laugh before Marty shouts at Louise for dressing like a whore. She's fed up at his crap and leaves with the baby. HOORAY! Marty doesn't seem to care and orders us to "acquire" some vehicles from people who apparently owe him money. Easy mission, just go around steal the cars and bring them back. The third vehicle is a delivery truck and as soon as you steal it you'll be chased by the police, but it shouldn't be much bother. This is something else that will be a part of the business side-missions later on.

After this mission you get a message from Louise and you can now do a mission for her, but we'll get Marty's ones out the way first. First comes the money, THEN the power, THEN the women.

Mission 9; Waking Up The Neighbours - This is the sex minigame in Vice City Stories where you and Marty...just kidding, this mission is a simply case of destroying Cholo vehicles. Marty gives you grenades to do the job. You know what that means...

After making two cars go BOOM, you get Cholo's chasing you, but after the third BOOM it's mission wo and $500 in the pocket.

Mission 10; O, Brothel Where Art Thou? - 
They see what you did there, Rockstar...
Continuing the tutorial for the business side-missions, this is one on taking over a business. Marty wants to spread out (heh) to the prostitution industry, and we're to help. Basically, all you have to do is blow up the gang car outside the business, kill the people who come out to protect it, go inside, break a bed ("business assets") and you win. Easy enough.

Mission 11; Got Protection? - Yes I do. Thanks for asking, game. The Cholo have decided to get revenge at us, by killing the hard-working ladies of the night who are on the street. You just have to pick them all up before they die (making it a timed mission), and luckily they do have protection...each one is packing a sub-machine gun and are more than capable of taking out anything. Including, on my first take of the mission, each other. Collect all three, head back to brothel and you are done with Marty, the god-dammed son of a prick bastard piece of......LET ME GO....fine, I'll stay calm...

Enjoy that maybe your last...
Mission 12; When Funday Comes - FUCK QUAD BIKES. FUCK THE PSP. Ugh, to recap, Louise is all ":(" because her life sucks, Vic is all ":(" because his life sucks. Naturally the cure to life sucking, quad bike racing. I know I've said I've "completed" it, but I haven't, because I don't know when I actually will. To cut a long story short, I can only turn left in this race if my PSP feels up to it. The game recognises the command, you see the wheels turn left, but it just keeps driving forwards. I'm prepared to either blame the UMD or the control nub. I've basically mastered the art of quad bike driving in this game, but all it takes is for the game to decide it won't let me turn left once and I'll crash into a wall and the race is pretty much lost. I'm starting to sympathise with Marty here...


Cast II


Marty Jay Williams
Voiced By: Jim Burke

If there's one thing GTA does well, it's making you do missions for people you really can't wait to kill. Marty is no exception. He's a redneck, he abuses his wife, he's always drunk and he's lives in a trailer. He heads the Trailer Park Mafia, but his "empire" will soon belong to us, yes it will!


Louise Cassidy-Williams
(Voiced By: Chelsey Rives)

The long-suffering wife of Marty Jay Williams and sister of Phil Cassidy, Louise will act as Vic's love interest in the game. But will being with Vic solve all of her problems? Who knows? Who cares? It's a GTA game, she'll either end up dead, she'll probably end up dead.


Mary-Beth Williams
(Voiced by....she's a baby...)

The baby of Marty and Louise. By the end of the game it will be revealed that she was the mastermind of the whole thing, she's actually a God that has lived for over a thousand years. However, thanks to Vic's showing her friendship and love, she finds value in humanity and decides to help save the world alongside Vic and I'm just kidding, she's a baby, she does nothing, why did I include her?

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