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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Progress Report 10

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Heart of Glass - Blondie

Progress Report X

Story Missions Complete: 54/59

Mission 50; Farewell to Arms: We arrive at Diaz's mansion to see him lecturing Gonzales. Diaz tells him that he works for him now and any deal Gonzales does in Vice City must go through him (thus setting up the beginning of Vice City). He asks Vic to show Gonzales what it means to be a friend of Ricardo Diaz. Basically, this is a rail shooter mission in a helicopter, Gonzales is driving the truck (loaded with weapons) to the airport, and we have to protect him from attacks from the Sharks. Your gun is powerful, as long as you don't aim like an idiot you should be able to take care of them easily enough. The only time you might have trouble is when Gonzales stalls his vehicle, he quickly gets surrounded by Sharks and he will take a whole lot of damage. After taking care of them, and the upcoming roadblock, it should be plain sailing to the airport (or, "plane" sailing...heh heh...). 

After he reaches his destination we have to help his men defend the entrances to the airport. This is just a case of shooting everything with a red arrow floating above it, while the helicopter flies between all the posts. Even when you succeed though, Sharks will get into the airport but Gonzales' plane is getting ready to take off. Just continue to blow up the Sharks and he should escape Vice City easily enough.

Mendez pages us, saying we need to talk...

Mission 51; Burning Bridges: Armando is happy that we've paid our debts and returned the money to them and he is giving us a reward! Basically, in exchange of us fleeing Vice City and handing over our business interests to them they will spare our lives! How thoughtful...but the Vance Brothers are having none of it. However they get knocked out by Diego and his men. We awake, without our weapons, beside a few oil tankers. We get attacked (in-cutscene) by a few of Mendez's goon, one of whom accidentally shoots a valve off and sets them all on fire. However, Lance is stuck behind the flames and we have to rescue him. There is armour and a pistol at the beginning, and if you are an idiot like me you could get lost. Good advice is to follow the men, if you see red arrows your going the right way!

We have to shoot the valves off the tankers whilst defending ourselves against Mendez's goons. Be sure to pick-up their weapons since you have none. The biggest threat will be the two bastards shooting from the helicopter, but they can be locked-on with the SMG. There's another guy towards the final valve with a sniper, but since he is AI, he will struggle to actually hit you with one. After shooting the third valve, grab the motorbike, grab Lance and enjoy the explosion as you escape.

We're now at war with the Mendez Brothers, this pretty much starts the run-up to the end game. Lance says he has a plan to deal with them, and he knows exactly who to ask. Immediately after the cutscene we get paged by Lance telling us that the faeces is about to hit the fan, but he's got us covered...

Mission 52; Blitzkrieg Strikes Again: We arrive at Lance's place to see our old friend Phil Cassidy doing...uhh...something. Vic is surprised to see him but then there's a knock on the door and hey, Umberto Robina is here! Lance arrives soon after saying that the Mendez Brothers are planning an attack on their businesses, and he thought he'd get help from our friends. Vic is surprised that Lance actually did something right for once. This is just like the first Blitzkrieg mission, except you have to defend three businesses. 

This mission is rather simple, especially if you have lots of businesses nearby to Lance's apartment, and you remembered to stockpile weapons from the Ammu-Nation in the mall. The assault rifle will tear apart everyone with ease. Lance will contribute some funny banter (sorry, 'The Lance-erator'). After you've defended the third business Lance will say that Phil and Robina have also been victorious. We've won! But Lance feels that we should take the fight to the Mendez Brothers and end this for good...

This unlocks new mission for Lance and Diaz. We also get paged by Reni saying that he needs us desperately. Well, Vic doesn't like to keep a waiting, so let's go!

Mission 53; So Long, Schlong: We arrive at the film lot to see Reni all distraught. He's upset because Diego Mendez is mad at him for introducing us to Diaz. It turns out our silent enemy and our favourite German avant-garde film-maker had a little fling. Reni has decided to have another sex-change...his fourth. While he drives to the hospital we have to kill all the Mendez goons that come into the film lot looking for Reni. If they discover he's not there before he pages you it's mission failed. He'll page you eventually saying that he's been caught near the Malibu club. Grab a car, drive over to where he is, kill all of Mendez's men and now drive Reni to the hospital. You will be chased, and Reni will shoot at them, but it's better if you just concentrate on getting to the hospital fast and accident-free.

Mission 54; Lost and Found: We're back at Lance's apartment for this one, apparently Martinez has been on the phone threatening to 'visit' Louise at the hospital. Lance would rather Vic help him with a deal he's working on, but Vic refuses and goes to pick up Louise from the Downtown hospital. Once he gets there, they apologise to each other and Vic asks her if she wants to do something fun and business-free, but right then Lance pages him to say that he's trapped in a burning building and to bring a helicopter. Louise says that there's a helicopter on the roof, so we'll just borrow it to rescue Lance.

Fly all the way over to Ocean Beach and Louise will point out Lance on top of the building. Land on top of it and he'll get in, Apparently we just fell for a Martinez trap, Jerry wanted to divide the brothers and kill them separately. The men who attacked Lance are riding off in boats with our money, so we have to fly the helicopter over them so Lance can shoot. It took a while for me, but eventually we got ahead of them and Lance took them out pretty quickly after that. Then we have to position the helicopter just over the boat so Lance can jump in. He'll ride off and now we have to drop off Louise at her sister's apartment. Phew.
Now, apparently there's a pager message from Phil Cassidy thanking us for taking care of Louise, but I never got it for some reason.

We've met every important Cast member in the game, so none of that today. Also, I have the final part of the Empire Building to talk about, but I'll leave that for after I'm finished with the story.

Next Time: The Finale!

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