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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Progress Report 1

Progress Report 1

Story Missions Complete: 7/59

After a couple of quick cutscene's showing Vic arriving in "Fort Baxter", Vice City's army base, you automatically end up in the "mission cutscene", where you're introduced to Jerry Martinez (the Sergeant). 

Mission 1; Soldier: Martinez is presented to be an immature dickhead. Needless to say, he'll end up betraying us at some point, but for now he's asked us to pick up a "package". This is basically a tutorial for driving and swimming. Just drive to the airport, swim to shore after the cutscene and then get back to base. Easy money.

Mission 2; Clearing House: Turns out the "package" from the last mission is a load of weed and Martinez has asked Vic to keep it hidden. Clearly this will end well. He has another job opportunity for Vic, this time to collect money off a guy he's selling guns too. This introduces Phil Cassidy, who makes his fourth appearance in a GTA game. It's another tutorial, this time for combat. Kill the cholo (latino gang) guarding the house, kill those inside, win. Easy Money 2: Electric Boogaloo. This also unlocks the shooting range.

Mission 3; Conduct Unbecoming: Martinez spends most of this cutscene watching a porno (between Vice City character Candy Suxx and a horse, as he delightfully tells us). Watching it has made him horny and has asked us to pick up his favourite lass, Mary, and bring her back to base. First, you have to visit Phil to get a specific car and then to have to talk to a lass who tells you where Mary is, drive there, kill the attackers, drive her back to base. The ensuing cutscene see's Victor get shouted at for having marijuana under his bed and then for taking a prostitute into base, thus getting kicked out of the army. Phil then pages you telling Vic he has work and a place to stay for our hero.

Mission 4; Cholo Victory: The first Phil mission. He is drunk and he hates the cholo who forced him out of his home. This is a tutorial on AI buddies performing drive-bys. You have to chase a cholo in his car, get close enough and Phil will start shooting. Then the car blows up, you win. After this, Phil pages us to tell us that his brother-in-law has work for Vic if he wants it. We'll carry on with Phil for now.

Mission 5; Boomshine Blowout: In retaliation for the last mission, the Cholo have set fire to Phil's warehouse where he stashed his home-made liquor. Once you get there it's a timed mission where you have to drive a forklift to the liquor and place it in the back of his truck. The twist is that every time you do, the warehouse crumbles a little more blocking off a path. Here, have a map to show what I mean:

The best one I could find via a Google search...
Save all four crates and win. It's probably the first mission you are in danger of failing if you've never played it before, or like me, terrible at driving in GTA games (especially on the PSP...).

Mission 6; Truck Stop: Phil is joined at his place by our good friend Jerry Martinez. Vic is obviously very happy to see the man who was responsible for ruining his army career, basically all he says here is "FUCK YOU". Lovely. Basically, Martinez wants us to grab a truck full of guns, and since he's paying how could we refuse? Basically same as Cholo Victory, but instead, you have three buddies instead. After you stop the truck, you have to protect Phil while he drives it back. All you have to do is drive close to Phil and let your two silent buddies shoot all the evil cars who chase us. Get him home, get paid. This is the last Phil mission...for now.

Mission 7\; Shakedown: The first mission for Phil's bro-in-law Marty, and also an introduction to the main love interest of the game. Marty is a violent, abusing redneck son-of-a-bitch, so it's a safe bet that we'll be killing him very soon. For now, this is the first tutorial for the "business" side-missions that will become available soon enough. The first stop is to protect a shop under attack from a couple of gang members. Marty runs a protection agency, and soon, so will we! Among other things... The second stop is to another shop (with an identical shopkeeper, in both appearance and voice. C'mon Rockstar, at least try!), this time to force him to pay Marty protection money. Break some of his stuff, kill the Cholo's who come to protect the business, and win.



Victor Vance
Voiced by: Dorian Missick

A respectable man thrown into the life of crime after being kicked out the army, Victor is our protagonist for the game. He joined the army in order to pay for his sick brother's medication, he'll soon find himself in charge of a criminal empire, aided by his other brother, Lance Vance. It's been confirmed by Rockstar that Victor was indeed the unlucky Vance brother who died at the start of Vice City.


Jerry Martinez
Voiced by: Felix Solis

An immature dickhead who somehow became a Sergeant in the Army, Martinez likes drugs, prostitutes, pornography and long walks on the beach. One at a time, ladies. It's fair to assume that he'll end up being the main antagonist of the game.


Phil Cassidy
Voiced by: Gary Busey

There is only one thing we need to say about Phil Cassidy, who makes his fifth appearance in a GTA game...

You're welcome.

Character images taken from: The GTA Wiki
To be continued...

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