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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Progess Report 5

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Progress Report V

Story Missions Complete: 28/59

Mission 24; The Audition: Lance T. Vance (the T is for Trust) hasn't wasted any time in making contacts in Vice City. He comes off the phone and tells Vic that he's got a job that will make them money "for nothing". First you have to drive to the local burger joint where Lance gets a phone call from his "player". It seems like we have to collect a car that has "merchandise" hidden inside it. Before we can any more details though there is a slight complication...robbers have entered the store. We have to shoot our way through only to be welcomed outside by the police who think that we respectable criminals were the ones who instigated the robbery. Well that's just rude. You can either steal a police car, or take the boring route and find a nearby parked car. I'd suggest the latter, there's usually one nearby.

Now we drive over to the Port Authority Building where the car has been impounded. There's seemingly no way in, but Lance has a plan! We drive a Sanchez (a good off-road bike) up the stairs, up a ramp (which includes a topical ET reference...which I can't find a picture of anywhere, you'll just have to take my word for it. After you get in the yard, kill all the people, get the car and them use the ramp to get back out. Lance will drive off with the car and that's mission complete.

Mission 25; Money For Nothing: We have a new buddy, Bryan Forbes'. It was him whose car we rescued in the last mission. This time he's asked us to help him take drugs from a warehouse. The idea is that while they get away with the drugs, we have to distract the cops. As soon as we drive off we get a three-star wanted level. The difficulty of the mission really depends on how well you can drive and if you're lucky with the cops. Sometimes they can attack you from all sides, but I've found driving up and down the grassy area at the right side of the island to be the way to go. After a while Lance will call to say they've reached their destination and now all we have to do is lose the cops. Go into a pay n'spray and the mission will end. A cool $1,500 in our pockets...which is actually chump change if you've expanded your business empire enough.

Mission 26; Caught as an Act: Lance will page us saying that he doesn't trust Forbes, and asks us to meet him at the Arena. We get there and after a little discussion with Forbes, Lance will show up and put a gun in Forbes' face. Turns out our new buddy was a cop. He manages to run away taking Lance's car. We have to chase him. The idea is to ram into his car and then drag him out, a cop is sure to have valuable information about various criminal activities. However, there is a slight complication...Lance had money in the back of the car. So now money is flying out of the car, we have to get Forbes before all the money flies out. The idea is to prevent Forbes from being able to drive forward and drag him out of the car. Lance finds a nice derelict apartment to hold Forbes in for now. 

We can now either take more missions from Forbes, he'll tell us about a couple of drug deals, or missions from Lance. We've already started with Forbes, so we may as well finish.

Mission 27; Leap and Bound: Forbes tells us about a dealer who doesn't like bodyguards and will only meet one-on-one. It seems a little too good to be true. Our job is to watch over Lance with binoculars while he deals with the dealer. However things don't go as planned, as the dealer beats up Lance and drags him onto a boat. We have to give chase, and luckily we got a Comet (one of the fastest cars in the game) to do so.

Super fast, but super easy to destroy: The Comet!
It's a simple matter of driving up the strip until the cutscene triggers. After that we have to get on the big ship and rescue Lance. Luckily there's a ramp right there. Unfortunately I didn't have enough of a run up ended up turning the car upside down, but thanks to a little glitch Vic ended up unharmed on top of the car and I managed to jump into the ship before the car exploded. On the ship are gang-members. Our good buddy Forbes lied to us! Now we have to shoot everyone we see, go inside, shoot more people until we get to a big room. We see three people crowding around Lance, one of whom is wielding a chainsaw (which I will naturally pick up for myself...)

We rescue Lance from a pretty gruesome death and he says he'll get transport while we pick up the rest of the drugs. There are four packages on the ship to collect, and a bunch more gang members have spawned. They all die easily enough and once you collect the four packages just jump off the ship (on the ground side) and run towards the mission marker. Yet again Lance will leave us without even offering to give us a lift, but whatever, we've already won.

This also marks the first time we bump into the third gang of the game...The Sharks. It won't be the last.

Mission 28; The Bum Deal: Lance decides to grill Forbes a bit more about something he found whilst snooping around our buddy's apartment. Apparently there's a big shipment coming in soon and Lance wants more information. Forbes' tells us to go to a bar called "The White Stallionz" (you can tell it's edgy, there's a z!).

Best Friends Foreva!!

 However when we get there we find it's a biker bar alright...but they're dancing to disco...and they tell us our "kind" isn't welcome here. After a bar brawl with the racists, which quickly turns into a gunfight, we go outside to fight more gay bikers. Once they're taken care of we drive back to the apartment to see Forbes escaping on a Sanchez. The next part is easy enough, just go beside him and drive-by. Lance will be all like "I DIDN'T MEAN TO KILL HIM!" but it's too late. Drive Lance back to his hotel and the mission is complete.

Rest in Peace Bryan Forbes, our best buddy.



Bryan Forbes
(Voiced by: Daniel Oreskes)

Our best buddy for a whole five missions, he's the one who introduces the Vance Brothers into the drug game, only to turn out to be a cop, only to turn out to be dead. I'm sure Vic and Lance will mourn his death for the rest of the game. Or it will be completely forgotten about by the next mission.

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